About us


"I would describe my brand as a promise. It started as a ‘fun’ thing to do and while it still is, it became a promise when I started seeing the excitement and happiness it brings to our customers. At that point, I knew it wasn’t just a brand but a promise to maintain such reputation in designing and making beautiful dresses that boosts confidence and comfort.

Kaykay's role in the life of its customers is to beautifully style them in quality, comfortable and confident outfits that conform to the dynamics of fashion; ranging from custom designs to ready-to-wear outfits and couture. 

Diversity in style and creativity is our brand’s uniqueness. There is an unpredictable constant switch up in style that lives with our promise. The brand targets all audiences, and we believe fashion is not specific to a certain group but for everyone. We are building a niche that meets the fashion demands of every woman."


                                                                                        -Kanyinsola Olusanjo

                                                                                        Creative Director, Kaykay